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Symrise AG is a Germany-based supplier of fragrances, flavorings, cosmetic active ingredients, raw materials and functional ingredients, as well as sensorial and nutritional solutions.



Symrise Taste Solutions

Great taste is still number one priority for consumers around the world. symrise continue to build on their long lasting reputation of delivering winning taste solutions for all flavour declarations and sweet product applications.

Symrise ability to unlock the changing needs of the confectionery and bakery markets allows them to meet current and future consumer expectations head-on. They rely on a broad expertise, in-depth knowledge and the ability of our interdisciplinary teams to join forces whenever and however necessary. This ensures that they offer the right solutions for end customers.

Sweet segment caters to
Sugar confectionery

Applications: hard boiled candies, lollipops, pastilles, fruit gums, jellies, chewing candy, toffees, caramels, nougats, mints, liquorice, marshmallows, aerated products, medicated confectionery

Key tonalities: strawberry, orange, lemon, raspberry, cherry

Chocolate confectionery

Applications: tablets, bars, countlines, boxed chocolate, seasonal specialities

Key tonalities: vanilla, hazelnut, caramel, almond, strawberry

Chewing gum

Applications: sugared gum, sugar-free gum, bubble gum

Key tonalities: mint, strawberry, watermelon

Baked goods

Applications: sweet biscuits, crackers, cakes, pastries, muffins, morning goods, wafers, cupcakes

Key tonalities: vanilla, chocolate, butter, strawberry, lemon

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Dry deserts

Applications: instant jellies, custard powders

Key tonalities: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, lemon, raspberry

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Applications: cold cereals, hot cereals, cereal bars

Key tonalities: chocolate, honey, fruit, strawberry, nuts

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Fit For Purpose

Symrise able to craft uniquely tailored products that perform competitively across all types of applications, from cost-effective, high-impact taste solutions, to premium, natural and organic offerings. Their solutions meet not only the demands of the application, but global regulatory and quality assurance requirements as well.

Individually Tailored

Their solutions are developed in collaboration with specific customers, ensuring that each solution meets the unique demands of their products, markets and consumers. Their unparalleled research teams ensure that they are able to offer unique insights on the latest trends and consumer preferences changing the face of the beverage market – insights that allow customers to thrive.

Naturalness is one of the most important drivers in the beverage world, with consumers looking for naturally sourced, high quality products that are both healthy and environmentally-friendly. Code of Nature is our answer to this: a combination of the finest, most responsibly sourced natural raw materials and the right scientific know-how to ensure long-lasting success.


Tailor-made brand elevation

Symrise extensive, analytical capabilities and consumer knowledge result in bespoke solutions with quick turnaround times. Symrise dedicated customer teams collaborate with each company to ensure that they fulfill both your brand and product needs.

Symrise range comprises winning taste, colour and texture solutions for all dairy applications.

Symrise USP’s for dairy


Symrise comprehensive toolkit empowers to create inspiring snack solutions

Whether they are developing culinary-inspired flavors based on insights from their dedicated chef’s networks or collections based on growing regional trends. Their taste solutions and applications are always fit-for-purpose and tailored to individual customer requirements.

Symrise create solutions for
Potato chips

Flat, ridged, light baked

Stackable chips
Corn based chips

Tortilla, Popcorn


Croutons, breadsticks and flatbread

Fruit and vegetable

Based chips and crisps

Extruded products

Nuts and Crakers


Symrise retail pack flavours

Exciting flavours that brings a smile to consumers

Symrise india develops flavours in retail segment for retail consumer markets.

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Symrise Exclusives

Symrise encapsulation solutions enable great tasting products!

Encapsulation solutions protect flavors during production, transport and storage of the final product. They increase flavor stability and ensure the desired taste release while taking into account the technical aspects and financial targets of the end products. Treasuring the secrets of flavor - delivering and protecting great taste!


Symrise Application Lab

Step into Symrise application lab

Symrise unveils Creative Centre in India to enable innovation and customer proximity. This new integrated Creation & Development Centre underlines the commitment to high growth markets such as India. Together with R&D testing and production facility in Chennai, Symrise India is perfectly equipped to support its customers in their ambition to delight the Indian consumer.

Creative & development hub in Mumbai as part of global innovation initiatives launched

Consumer interaction centres, offices and to serve as national hub for your Ideate, Formulate, Sample and Launch

Symrise History

Symrise AG is a Germany-based supplier of fragrances, flavorings, cosmetic active ingredients, raw materials and functional ingredients, as well as sensorial and nutritional solutions. The Company operates through three segments: Flavor, Nutrition, as well as Scent and Care.

The Symrise Group was formed in 2003 with the merger of Haarmann & Reimer and Dragoco. With the roots of both companies stretching back as far as 1874, we draw on a rich heritage of innovation and excellence. In 2006, we went public on the German Stock Exchange as the biggest European IPO of the year and have spent the subsequent over ten years ambitiously building on our history of success.

30,000+ - products, 6,000+ - customers, 100+ - countries

We craft tasty ideas for your favorite foods and beverages and inspire eating and drinking habits of tomorrow

  • 13,000 Taste solutions we create for food and beverages
  • 145 Countries we market our taste solutions to
  • 10,000 Number of our mostly natural raw materials

Symrise India Team

Symrise, a German group specialised in flavours and scents, has strengthened its position in India and the Asia-Pacific region, after the recent opening of a design and development centre in Mumbai. The new facility, complementary to the one operating in Chennai, is notably focused on scents and skincare, a market enjoying booming growth in the region.

Sridhar Srinivasan

Vice President - Flavor, India, Indochina

Deepak Grover

National Sales Manager - Flavor

Aniket Ingle

Key Account Manager South India - Flavor